Vancouver & Whistler

After Victoria, we spent a few days in Vancouver where we only had the opportunity to grab a couple of caches – one at the Museum of Anthropology on the University of BC campus – unbelievable exhibits, and the other in Stanley Park – both beautiful locations. On our last day in Canada we drove up to Whistler through stunning scenery, and found the one hidden in the Florence Peterson Park. I would have liked to spend more time there (the whole summer!!), but I will return. What a gorgeous place. We visited the Audain Museum home to some amazing First Nation artwork and carvings.

We’re now home, and I’ll hunt for more local caches until our next trip, likely to visit friends in Lake Arrowhead

Pacific Northwest May 2019

Traveling with our dear friends Leslie & Jack, our trip started in Seattle where we grabbed a number of caches as we walked around the city near Pike Place Market and the Space Needle. Took the ferry up to Victoria, British Columbia And stayed at the Fairmont Empress where we were treated like royalty. High tea is elegant. Beautiful area on Vancouver Island. Butchart Gardens is amazing! Went whale watching, and saw a couple of Humpbacks. Found 7 caches around the Inner Harbour. Took a seaplane to Vancouver yesterday and will continue the adventure today.

The Fab Four

They’re Alive!

Life has been in the way. Just started up hunting again, but without the fervor of the early days. Heading up to Seattle (still looking for the first Washington cache) & British Columbia (found a couple 2 summers ago in Creston, BC), and will grab some up there. The Garmin 64st (can’t justify getting a 66st) accompanies us everywhere, and it’s loaded with caches to find, so it’s just a matter of finding them! Happy Hunting!


Finally hit the 2000 mark. Appropriately enough it was named for a team we met when we first started geocaching, Lookin’ Good who have gone on to find over 41,000!! Don’t know how many we’ll find in the Phoenix summer heat, but I’ll be in Utah next month and it will be a little coler

First to Find – (FTF)

It’s been a while since I was the first to find a cache. Today I found two, including one with my grandson Beckett. Given that both were in a few miles of our house, that was all I wanted to do – it’s way too hot to do anything else unless it’s very early in the morning


Our trip to Israel and Jordan was amazingly unbelievable. Loved every minute of it. Israel is a high-tech 1st world country that needs to be visited by anyone interested in history, religion, archeology, and current events. Jordan is trying hard to get to 1st world status but not having natural resources, and a growing educated relatively secular population that wants to get out of the country as fast as possible make it difficult.

I was lucky to find 9 geocaches in Israel, none in Jordan despite looking for three of them, and not able to get out of the Heathrow to search in Windsor as originally planned

Geocaching Outside the US

I’m taking a trip next week to Israel (over 1000 geocaches), and Jordan (45) with a long layover in the UK – I will get caches in all three countries and if it works out, will hit 2000 finds while in country! Will keep you posted!

It’s The Time Of The Season

The weather has changed for the better. Sunny in the 70s with nice breezes. This is the time of the year to be in AZ. Sharon, Fergie, and I found 8 today including 6 along a trail that we haven’t been on before behind a local elementary school. I had hoped we would get to 2000 this year, but unless I really puch it along a road/trail where there is one every .1 mile, that goal will be reached by early next year

Long Island. Just Like I PIctured It.*

Spent last weekend on Long Island to celebrate a niece’s wedding. Stayed in a waterfront house in the town where I grew up. Nice to be there, but could never move back…too old, too crowded, too liberal, too high taxes, etc…Found a few caches, did some sailing, had fun with family. In short, a good time was had by all.


*Apologies to Stevie Wonder. Songs in the Key of Life was a great album