Hot and Humid

We’re in Florida visiting my mother, and my father-in-law. Went out today with Kellen and found a quick three. We lived here in the 90s and I can’t tell you how much I can’t stand the humidity as compared to the dry desert heat.


It took a while but we finally got geocache numberĀ 1700. An overcast humid day made it easier than our normal scorching heat. Sharon, fergie and I found the bare minimum to reach the goal and left quite a number behind in the area, but we’ll leave them for another day.

Father’s Day 2014

Went out early and grabbed 9 before it got too hot. Next up, Father’s Day lunch consisting of Dim Sum with Nikki, Adam and Sharon. Picked up 3 more after lunch. Up to 1680 – Need to reach 1700 before the end of June

The Heat Is On

Summer is fast approaching and the heat in the Valley of the Sun is over 100. Welcome to my world. Time to head North and stay North – in my dreams. Found a few this afternoon. Been too long since my last outing.

5 by 5

IMG_0713Kellen and I went out by ourselves this morning and found 5. Afterwards we had a Grandpa/grandson lunch, hit up the supermarket and came home. I love this little boy and I adore being a grandfather. Life is god

All Quiet On The Western Front

Wile we’ve been out over the last few weeks hunting for caches, I haven’t been posting about our adventures. Let me just say taking Kellen with me has been the best part of the afternoons, and it will be again later today. He is such an amazing boy, and soon Beckett will be joining us in the field now that he’s walking. Life is good. Oh, it’s great to have Gillian with me too !

Just Checking In

Haven’t posted a lot lately, nor have we found many since the last post, although the few we have discovered included having Kellen (and Jill and Beckett) along with us. He’s become quite the finder and will only get better as he gets older.

Protecting Their Turf

Sharon and I were out today and while hunting for one in town – A Fishing Hole – she spotted a coyote about 100 yards away from us, right in the direction of where the cache was located. I started walking towards the are the coyote left, after spotting me, but then I spotted a 2nd one who stood guard right where I was headed. We surmised that they had a den in the brush, and decided that we’d leave well enough alone. On one hand it was very cool to see the pair. On the other, one never knows what may trigger them to get more aggressive. In any event, we found 6 on Super Bowl Sunday.